Frequent Questions



Transport: We use independent  Insured transport operators. They offer open & enclosed transport depending on your preference with open transport usually being less expensive. Once your purchase is paid for you can expect delivery in 7-10 days (most times less) You will be informed when your bike is picked up and the driver will coordinate the delivery day & time estimate. Some customers prefer to prepay the transport with us & others prefer to pay the driver for the transport fee at delivery. All shipments sent collect on delivery must be paid in cash.

Test Rides: Although most of our project bikes are operational these bikes are not road legal until state inspected and rebuilt title is issued in your name. Therefore ABSOLUTELY NO TEST RIDES ARE ALLOWED. This also extends to customers picking up their bikes. You must truck or trailer your bike from our dealership, ABSOLUTELY NO RIDE AWAYS ARE ALLOWED.

Payments: We accept bank to bank wire transfers, cashiers checks and cash. We do not accept credit cards under any circumstances for full payment on motorcycles. Deposits are accepted through Paypal.

Original Title & Bill of sale : We send all titles out USPS Priority Mail & must be signed for. If you are not available to sign for the documents the postal carrier will leave a notice and you must go to the post office to pickup.

Financing: We do not offer ANY in house financing- Most large banks will not finance a salvage unit. Some small banks & credit unions may depending on your relationship with them. It is typically easier to finance a "rebuilt" title once the repairs have been made and you have been issued the rebuilt title from your state. Some customers have used a personal loan for the initial purchase & once the rebuild process is complete they would refinance using the rebuilt title as collateral for a better rate.

Layaways : We DO offer layaway plans!!! They are 20% down and do a 90 day interest free period.

Salvage titles- WHY? Any time an insurance company pays off a damage claim with their insured for any type of loss, collision-fire-theft-flood most times they issue a salvage title. This does in no way mean the bike is not repairable, it just means the repair process they have to adhere to is not financially feasible for them and they choose to "total" the bike. Any time a Harley goes into a dealership for a wreck estimate the dealership writes for all new painted parts directly from the Harley Factory, so a tank or fender with a small scratch or dent is replaced rather then repaired. A typical painted gas tank from Harley is around $1500 !!!!! another factor is most Harley Dealers charge UP TO $150 per hour for repairs so when you combine very expensive parts & labor it does not take much to total out lots of very nice bikes. The good news is you as a rebuilder have lots of options on less expensive parts through swap meets, ebay & many aftermarket parts on the market.

Salvage title process: Exact requirements vary from state to state but most want photos of the bike prior to the repairs & invoices for any parts purchased for the rebuild process. Most states only require the functional items operate such as headlight, taillight, turn signals & horn. Cosmetic issues such as scratches & small dents are usually not an issue to pass inspection.

Salvage titles- Who can not process them ? The only states they do not allow an individual to process a salvage title currently are Alabama & Illinois- In these states a licensed rebuilder are the only ones allowed to do the rebuild process.

Parts only titles & Bills of sales : Some insurance companies sell certain units with a parts only bill of sale, parts only title, scrap title, junk certificate, certificate of destruction- these vehicles are not eligible to be rebuilt in the US and are considered as parts only. They are an excellent choice if you are building a custom bike and want to get most of your parts all at once. These are also a good option for exporters as most countries outside the US allow these title types for importation. If you are considering one of these for import please check with your country for import regulations.

Exporting: Single Units: We offer shipping to most parts of the world via ocean freight and airfreight. Single units must be crated & we charge a $250 crating fee for all bikes and $400 for trikes. We also offer dismantling service if you prefer to import the bike this way. Dismantling cost will depend on how much of the bike needs to be dismantled.

Container Shipping: If you are purchasing multiple units then container shipping is the best option. We offer 20 ft & 40 ft container shipping. We can typically get 8 units in a 20 ft & 16 in a 40 ft. 

If you have any other questions we have not covered here feel free to send us an email and we will do our best to answer your questions. Emails can be done through the contact dealer link on our inventory page or email direct at